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Crafters and Artisans at Fun Cheshire Events

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Welcome crafters and artisans. This page is designed for you; whether you are currently planning on participating in one of our events or you just want to learn more about what we're doing at Fun Cheshire Events.

Crafters and Artisans - You're Invited

The Cheshire Strawberry Festival and Craft Fair takes great pride in inviting you to participate in our annual Strawberry Festival on the Green. This is a one-day, outdoor, rain-or-shine festival that traditionally attracts over 2,000 visitors. Our festival is held on the Church Green in the center of Historic Cheshire, located conveniently alongside CT Route 10 and offering easy access and plenty of visibility.

The festival features fresh strawberry shortcake as well as hot dogs, hamburgers and other treats. There are also several amusements and entertainment for children. Live music serves as a backdrop for this great community event.

Enhancements for Our Crafters and Artisans

Since crafters and artisans are an important part of our festival, we are adding a number of new enhancements to guarantee that you will have both a profitable and enjoyable experience at our festival this year. These enhancements include:

  • For the convenience of the crafters,we will accept applications up to the day of the event. However, there are numerous advantages to getting your application in early. For example, crafters whose applications are postmarked prior to our May 15 deadline will pay the lowest price and be able to select their booth location, in the order their application was postmarked.
  • We will accept the pictures required with your application in numerous formats for your convenience.
  • On the day of the event, volunteers will help direct you to a spot where you can park and unload.
  • There will also be volunteers to help carry your stuff from your car to your booth location.
  • We are providing $10 worth of tickets for you to use on food or entertainment.
  • The Showcase Raffle provides another way to give your offerings additional visibility and more traffic to your booth.

We are confident that these enhancements will make your experience at the Cheshire Strawberry Festival and Craft Fair a remarkable one.

If you would like to get all the details on the Craft Fair, just download the Application Packet at:

Advertising Campaign

Our advertising campaign consists of Internet and print media including, but not limited to:

  • The website
  • Posters placed throughout the community at local businesses, libraries, restaurants and offices
  • Lawn signs positioned in busy intersections throughout the community
  • Two large signs on the Green where the festival is held
  • Emails to our Fun Cheshire Events email list
  • Numerous posts on our Strawberry Festival and Craft Fair Facebook page
  • The festival is listed on most online websites that advertise community events

Participation Rules

Our intention is to make this a first-class event for our invited artisans and crafters - we are committed to make this festival both productive and enjoyable for you and your colleagues. Works are accepted in all major arts and crafts categories. Exhibitors are accepted based on the originality and quality of their workmanship and the appropriateness of their products for this market

This is a juried festival with the following Rules:

  • All artwork and handmade craft displayed must be original work created by the exhibiting artisan or crafter.
  • Manufactured items and works made from kits of any kind are unacceptable. Dealers and middlemen are not allowed. Sale or exhibit of items or services not listed on the application form will not be allowed.
  • Booths must be open during the entire event with the crafter or artisan in the booth. Breaking down booths early is a disruption to the event, as well as to neighboring exhibitors.
  • There is no storage beyond the designated booth space. Please plan your layout accordingly.
  • The festival is held rain or shine. No provisions, refunds or alternate dates are made in case of cancellations.
  • No sales of food items that compete with the food sold by the First Congregational Church of Cheshire.
  • No smoking, loud sound systems or generators are allowed in booth areas. No electricity or water hookups are available on festival grounds.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • The Crafter Team reserves the right to request the removal of any work not officially accepted during the jury process, or does not otherwise meet the standards of the festival.

Some Comments From Exhibitors That Participated in Past Festivals

  • Well organized
  • Steady stream of customers
  • Good location
  • Juried show
  • Super-friendly people
  • Family-oriented festival
  • Easy setup
  • Quality arts and crafts
  • I'll be back next year

Come Join Us!

If you are a crafter or artisan of quality, hand-made items, and would like to be part of the fun, please download our application packet for all of the details. We hope to hear from you soon.

To get an Application Packet click on:

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The Crafter Team

You can contact us by sending an email to:
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